Harris County Precinct 4 - Department of Education Position 2

List of Endorsements

Congressman Ted Poe
State Representative Dan and Janet Huberty
City Councilman Dave Martin
Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman
Supt. of Humble ISD Guy Sconzo
Humble ISD School Board Robert and Jen Sitton
Humble ISD School Board Brent and Lena Engalage
Humble ISD School Board Keith Lapeze
Humble ISD School Board Charles Cunningham
Robert Scarfo - Former Humble ISD Board Member
Bonnie Longnion Former Humble ISD Board Member
Lynn Fields Former Humble ISD School Board Member and Founder of
the Baytown Women's Shelter
Alice J. Rekeweg- SD-4 Chairman, Precinct 459 Chairman
Kaaren Cambio- Harris County GOP Pricinct #351 chairman
Diane Blanco Director of the Lone Star College Women's Center
Chris Parker - Former President Kingwood Area Republican Women
Linda M Stegall - Former President of Lone Star College
Andy Dill Former Community Chamber of Commerce President
Jim and Lisa Holley Former Head Football Coach Kingwood Park HS
Connie and Darryl Chandler
Danny and Geralyn Sullivan
Jane Painter
Michelle Parnell
Annette Wood
Jim and Diana Rutherford
Tony and Leslie Raffa
Donna Lewis
Doug and Beth Stanley
Casey Christman - Chief of Staff to State Rep. Dan Huberty
Jessica Beemer
Cheri Huber
Lanelle Johnston
Richard and Julie Payne
Greg and Emmie Lee
Bert Brocker
Monica Hermann
Kelly Baker Paul
Gary and Shannon McIntyre
Tammy Holekamp
Laurie Passmore
Ken and Joy Dominique
Stacey Glandt-Wilms
Carolyn Cain
Karen Brenza
Kim Brode
John Sorrentino
Leslie Shatto
Angie Chestnut
Pat and Ray Guard
Dick and Rita Klein
Dr Bob and Beth Panzarella
Jacque Truitt
Dawn Gillespie
Laurie Ward
Dr. Susan Lunson
Nicholay and Shelby Lewis
Robyn Choiniere
Carolyn LaFarque
Mary Kronsteadt
CJ Johnson
Carol Covey
Martha McMurrey
Jay Fields
Carol and Randy Sutton
Nolan Nix
Cynthia and Stan Nix
Lee and Debra Miller
Sandy Lee
Ann Gonzales
Gwendolyn and Dave Condoleo Crawford
Gay and Scott Campbell
Sheila and Ronnie Gonzales
Diana Garcia Van Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Langford
Sharon Lewis
Linda and Gates Copeland
Anita and Chet Frazier
Monia Herman
Diana Van Horn
Gary and Shannon McIntyre
Katie Sager
Dede and Larry Wedikind
Eileen Booher
Dr. Robert and Terri Stanton
Halene and Ron Crossman
Marie Halvatzis
Beth and Gene Powell
Karla and Glen Redmond
Karen Boughton
Kelly Conner Gabrisch
Kristi Williams
Jennifer High Shoemaker
Devon and Chad Alexander
Cherrie and Daniel Ledoux
Nell Liberda
Lisa Conner
Carol Leigh and Peyton Harvey
Carolyn LaFarque
Ron and Dr. Natasha Holley
Dr. Mike and Linda Woehst
Ron and Helen Clark
Shelby and Brooks Powell
Kim Maxey
Mr and Mrs Bill Conner
Erica Johnston
Linda Prator
Jerri Bankston
Village Learning and Achievement Center
Flowers of Kingwood
Kingwood Travel
Shannon McIntyre Skin Care
Sullivan's Auto
Bill's Cafe
Barbara Egan
Ellen Delap CPO
Donna Lewis
Bruton Photography
Patsy Panky
Fred Rainwater
Joan Imperato
Twila Carter
Courtney Fields
Greg and Kim Fazzino
Page and David cherry
Rita Phillips